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We want to help you step into a world where sustainable living meet the comfort of your home. 

🏡 Green Living in Every Room 🏡

Discover eco-conscious choices for every corner of your home. From eco-friendly kitchen essentials to sustainable materials for the bedroom, we’re here to guide you in making mindful decisions that transform your living spaces into eco-havens. Yes, comfort and sustainability can coexist!

🌍 From Small Changes to Big Impact 🌍

Explore tips for reducing waste, conserving energy, and choosing eco-friendly products that align with your commitment to a greener lifestyle. Learn how simple changes, like opting for reusable alternatives and embracing natural cleaning solutions, can make a substantial positive impact on the environment, and the savings in your back pocket too!

🌱 Empowering Eco-Homeowners 🌱

We empower you to make informed choices. Whether you’re renovating, decorating, or just seeking sustainable living inspiration, we’re here to help you on your eco-friendly living journey.

Whether you’re a seasoned eco-conscious homeowner or just beginning your journey toward an eco-friendly home, Household Wonders is your trusted resource. Together, let’s create spaces that embody both the warmth of home and the values of a more environmentally mindful life. 🌎🏡🌿

What You Will Find in Our Eco-Friendly 
Home Blog Posts

Choosing eco-friendly products can be overwhelming. The good thing is, there are lots of naturally derived, eco-friendly products readily available to replace common household products.

At Household Wonders, we cover a variety of eco-friendly topics to ensure you know where to start.

By choosing more sustainable, eco-friendly products and brands, you are supporting a more sustainable way of life and creating a healthier environment for you and your family (fur babies included!).

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How to Clean Bamboo Curtains the Easy Way

So, you’ve gone green and bought yourself a nifty pair of bamboo curtains. Now you’re wondering “how do I clean my bamboo curtains?”. Fear not, it’s much easier than you’re anticipating. How to clean bamboo curtains the easy way? A simple mix of dusting, vacuuming, sponging, and consistency can help

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Eco-friendly fabrics

The Ultimate Guide to Eco-Friendly Fabrics

There are a lot of great fabrics out there that are eco-friendly and help create a more sustainable environment. Knowing which fabrics provide our planet with a better chance of becoming a greener place helps us make better decisions as global citizens. For me and my family, it’s important to

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bamboo forest

How Fast Does Bamboo Grow?

As you may know, I am no stranger to bamboo products in my kitchen and home. It’s such a durable and reliable material that I wondered exactly how fast bamboo grows. I did some research on the reasons for this fast-growing plant and snack-of-choice for pandas. So how fast does

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switch to sustainable toothbrush

Why You Should Switch to a Bamboo Toothbrush

I’ve always used a plastic toothbrush my whole life without any second thought. I used to think I was super conscious of my personal waste in the bathroom but after doing some research on bamboo toothbrushes, I’m thrilled to say I have made the switch from a plastic to a

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Lined bamboo sheets

What Are Bamboo Sheets Made From?

Sheets made from bamboo are probably one of the softest types of bedding available on the market today. They are popular for being exceptionally soft, durable, moisture-wicking, breathable, hypoallergenic, and eco-friendly compared to other types of sheets such as polyester and cotton sheets. Owning a set can make a difference

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charcoal on white background

5 Amazing Benefits of Bamboo Charcoal Bags

Bamboo charcoal bags are a new, innovative, and 100% natural solution to tackling odors and bacteria that are increasingly becoming an issue in our homes, cars, and offices. They act as an all-natural air purifier for any space.   So, what are the benefits of bamboo charcoal bags? Bamboo charcoal bags

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sulfate-free shampoo

Are Sulfates Really That Bad for You?

Sulfates have become a hot topic as of late with many people worried about the possible damage to their health. Sulfates are found in thousands of everyday products and you probably encounter them every day. Are sulfates really that bad for you? Excessive use of products containing sulfates may cause

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Multi-colored bamboo sheets

How Long Do Bamboo Sheets Last? And How To Keep Them

One of the determinants of a good night’s sleep is your bedding, as studies have shown that having the right set of bedding can improve the quality of your sleep. The right set of bedding is incredibly soft, breathable, capable of regulating body temperature, and provides comfort, which are all

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