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Topics for the Eco-Conscious

Whether you have already started your environmentally friendly, minimal or zero waste journey, or are looking to make a start, you can find all the essentials here at Household Wonders.


With a wide range of readily available sustainable alternatives to common household products, switching to a more environmentally friendly household has never been easier. 

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The use of natural products for the preparation & storage of food can reduce the harmful chemicals that enter our bodies. Learn more about safer food and cookware alternatives.


Nourish your body with Nature’s own elements. Find out about organic, vegan & cruelty-free skincare products, & sustainable minimal or zero waste healthcare products. 


It’s never too early to start your eco-friendly journey with your young one. From reducing waste from disposable diapers, to skincare & clothing essentials, we’ve got your eco-friendly baby needs covered.


Learn about how to travel more sustainably, from reducing the carbon footprint of your journey, to supporting local businesses & packing products that reduce negative environmental impacts.


It’s no secret that bamboo is one of our favourite products here at Household wonders. Discover why we love this versatile product.

Understanding Eco-Friendly Living

Our world continues to face environmental challenges. By making conscious choices towards sustainable living today, you are reducing your carbon footprint and creating a positive impact on our planet. This helps to safeguard our future generations.

We promote eco-friendly living because like it or not, our planet has a finite amount of resources. This includes everything from food, water, the material to make the clothes you’re wearing, through to the device you’re currently reading this on. The survival of our one Earth depends on us – what better reason to embrace to an eco-friendly lifestyle? Save the planet, save the billions of lives on it. 

Household Wonder’s is your ultimate resource for eco-friendly living. We provide insights, tips and product recommendations to help you embark on your sustainable journey. Before diving in to some of our articles, we recommend reading our comprehensive overview below.

What defines an eco-friendly lifestyle?

Living an eco-friendly lifestyle is about proactively selecting to use products in our everyday lives that don’t cause harm to Earth

We’ve categorised this to ease navigation of the hundreds of articles we have here at Household Wonders! 

One reason a week and over 80 strategies to help make 2024 your most fulfilled year yet!

Ready to start?

We don’t think there’s been a more important time to start embracing an eco-friendly lifestyle, unless you include yesterday 😉

Forget trends, greener living is a responsible choice and opportunity to help preserve our planet. By adopting sustainable practices in our homes, for our bodies, for our children, and when we travel, we can have a beneficial impact on our natural environment. 

Let’s embrace eco-friendly living together and inspire others to join our journey. Every small step matters!

Join Our Growing Eco-Friendly Community & Change Your Life for a Healthier You & Planet

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Meet the Faces behind Household Wonders

Our eco-friendly warriors have contributed their knowledge of sustainability & environmentally friendly practices to Household Wonders for the last 5 years.

We share our wisdom and experience to empower you to make a change. Whether you are new to a more sustainable way of living, or your a seasoned eco-warrior; we hope to continue inspiring a community of eco-conscious people to create a healthier life and healthier planet.

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How We Compare & Choose Products

At Household Wonders, we provide a combined 25+ years of experience trying to reduce our individual, everyday impacts on the environment. We explain what sets particular eco-friendly products apart from their less sustainable alternatives, and suggest a range of comparable options.

With well-researched information on the world-wide knowledge base of eco-friendly / environmentally-friendly living, we help you understand:
While learning more about eco-friendly products is a fun, we are also big on educating our community about the eco-friendly topic as a whole. You’ll find that many of our articles are informational rather than product focused. We hope that these articles encourage you to think about the negative impacts that we can all have as individuals on Earth, and inspire you to make change.
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