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The Wonders of Simple Living.

Mindful Spending. Minimal Waste. Healthier You.


In the hustle and bustle of modern life, it’s easy to get caught up in the constant push for more – more possessions, more achievements, more distractions.

But what if the key to true happiness lies not in acquiring more, but in embracing less?

By choosing to live simply, we open up space for what truly matters. We find joy in the small moments, clarity in our surroundings, and peace in our minds. A simpler life allows us to reconnect with our values, prioritise our well-being, and cherish the beauty of the present. It’s an invitation to slow down and discover the richness that comes from living with intention and mindfulness. Let go of the excess, and find freedom in simplicity.

The Mission...

To create a platform where sustainable living information and resources are accessible, enjoyable to learn and easy to integrate into everyday life. 

The Vision...

A committed and educated community making sustainable choices in their homes and daily routines, fostering a culture of minimalism, health and environmental stewardship, and empowering others.
Rachael Payne Household Wonders Blog Owner

Hey there!

Rachael here – conservationist, bird-watcher, and future off-grid homestead owner 🤞

I took over Household Wonders in early 2022, but have only just recently started to turn this blog into what I truely wanted. 

As someone who enjoys learning how to live minimally and repurpose what she can, I hope Household Wonders becomes your go-to place for practical and actionable tips on living simply, reducing your environmental footprint and leading a healthier life. 

Read more about my Household Wonders story.

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