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Rachael Payne Household Wonders Blog Owner

Hey, Rachael here!

Thank you for showing interest in learning more about me and Household Wonders.

The Household Wonders blog was started in 2019 – I didn’t come on the scene however until much later when I purchased this blog in early 2022. 

Having moved around a lot over the last 10+ years and living out of a home on wheels for almost 2.5 of those years, I’ve really started to embrace and find comfort in simple living.  

For me, simple living is about purchasing consciously wherever possible – not only to reduce my impact on the planet, but to save money to one day live out my dream of owning my own property where I can live as self-sufficiently as possible. 

Today I have very few belongings – I’ve owned a house previously and couldn’t believe the amount of items I accumulated when it came time to sell! And that was coming from someone who felt like she didn’t buy a lot of stuff to begin with!

What to expect...

Household Wonders is the blog for you if you want to:

  • Embrace a minimalist lifestyle that enhances your well-being and declutters your space.
  • Uncover simple, practical steps for creating a healthier, more eco-conscious home.
  • Fuel your body in a healthier way.
  • Learn how to make informed choices about products that support sustainable practices.
  • Find more sustainable product replacements to reduce your environmental footprint.
  • Discover fun and unique ways to reuse and repurpose items to provide new value.
  • And more!

I’m always expanding on the range of topics I explore because life’s a journey. I continue to discover solutions and new information and aim to continue building on what I know to be 1% better everyday. 

If this also sounds like you, I’d love for you to join my growing community where we can share tips and tricks and continue to empower others – sign up to my newsletter below and follow me on socials to stay up-to-date 🙂 

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