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8 Eco-Friendly Clothing Brands You Need in Your Closet

eco-friendly clothing

The fashion industry is changing. An increasing number of brands are starting to move towards ethical and eco-friendly fashion. This includes some of the top fashion brands in the world and a new wave of eco-friendly fashion labels.

Here are 8 eco-friendly clothing brands you need in your closet: Pact, Carihola, Boody, ReneeC., TexereSilk, Lamaze Organic, Burt’s Bees Baby, and Touched by Nature. Each of these eco-friendly brands uses a mix of sustainable materials and is proactive in reducing their impact on the planet.

This guide explores 8 new eco-friendly brands, details on how they’re changing the fashion world, and why you should have their clothes in your closet this year.

Why Eco-Friendly Clothes?

Due to our increased focus on climate change, every aspect of our lifestyle is changing. The demand for eco-friendly and ethical consumerism is growing. This is led by an army of young eco-conscious consumers who want to save the world.

The fashion industry has listened, and now we’re witnessing an influx of new eco-friendly brands. What makes them eco-friendly?

Sustainable Materials

Eco-friendly brands only source eco-materials that are sustainable. This can include anything from pineapple leaves to recycled cardboard to bamboo fiber. Eco-materials that are durable can significantly reduce the impact on the environment.

Materials that are biodegradable or compostable help to further minimize the impact. Many of the materials used by eco-friendly brands can decompose naturally back into the soil.

Materials that are biodegradable and compostable are far better for the planet than plastic or leather. These materials can take hundreds of years to decompose and/or leak toxic chemicals into the ground.


Unfortunately, not all eco-friendly brands are serious about their commitment to the environment. Some have been found guilty of “greenwashing” their products to improve sales and fulfill the eco-conscious demands.

Greenwashing is the act of misleading consumers into believing they’re buying an eco-friendly product using false information or not living up to their own values.

Authenticity is vital when deciding to buy from an eco-friendly brand or a brand that says it is eco-friendly.

Quality Goods

A common misconception surrounding eco-friendly fashion is using eco-materials results in a more inferior quality of goods. This is simply not true and mainly used as a scapegoat for poor manufacturing.

A good and honest eco-friendly brand makes quality clothes no matter what materials or production methods they use. Never accept poor quality in the name of eco-friendly materials.

Many eco-materials used are just as quality or even better quality than the materials they’re replacing.


Eco-friendly brands are honest and transparent about their business. If they can do better, they usually will be upfront about it and work hard to reach their improved goals.

No eco-friendly brand will pretend they’re perfect. They’re always striving to improve their production methods materials and overall impact on the planet.

8 Eco-Friendly Clothing Brands You Need in Your Closet

Below are 8 eco-friendly clothing brands that we believe deserve your attention and future custom. These companies are changing the fashion world for the better and deserve your support.


Pact (link to Amazon storefront) is on a mission to create the first “guilt-free fashion brand.” What does this mean? It means using materials, production methods, and operating strategies that move away from fast-fashion.

Fast fashion is quick manufacturing, selling, and disposing of clothes that have become the norm in our modern society. Pact are avid believers in slow fashion.

Slow fashion ensures that everyone involved in the process of creating clothes is given a fair deal and that the clothes are durable. This means consumers can keep their clothes for longer and avoid needing to buy clothes as frequently.

Pact offers a wide range of stunning clothes made from 100% sustainable organic cotton. Their clothes are made without the use of toxic chemicals and fertilizers, helping to save significant amounts of water in the production process.


Cariloha (link to Amazon storefront) has created a luxury and sustainable range of clothes using the amazing eco-material, bamboo. They have harnessed the softness of bamboo fibers to create wonderfully comfortable and stylish clothing for everyone.

Bamboo is an ultra-fast growing plant. It doesn’t require harsh chemicals for growth or cultivation, either. The natural bamboo fibers have moisture-wicking, antimicrobial, and hypoallergenic properties. This makes bamboo the perfect fabric for comfortable and eco-friendly clothing.

Cariloha has been around since 2007 and is one of the leading clothing brands in the USA for bamboo clothing.


boody clothing logo

Boody (link to Amazon storefront) is another eco-friendly clothing brand on a personal mission. They want to “create affordable, luxury bamboo eco clothes that are soft, cool, and comfy.”

All the clothes from Boody are created using naturally organic bamboo fibers. Bamboo requires significantly less water than cotton during production, making it a great eco-alternative. Bamboo is also softer and more breathable.

Boody even recycles the water that is used during the production of their bamboo clothes. They also pride themselves on a zero-waste manufacturing process. Workers are paid a fair wage, yarn is treated with natural dyes, and computer knitting results in zero waste fabric.


renee collection logo

ReneeC. (link to Amazon storefront) is another brand harnessing the incredible natural properties and sustainability of bamboo. Their luxury range of clothes has been designed to give their customers eco-luxury. A variety of comfortable, breathable, but luxury items for stylish consumers.

ReneeC. has made a name for themselves among trendy young eco-conscious consumers over the last few years. As well as providing eco-friendly materials, they also pride themselves on their quality.

You will notice this level of quality in the feel of the fabrics and the noticeable expert stitching with each piece. Anyone looking for a luxury clothing brand that is eco-friendly needn’t look any further than ReneeC.


This clothing brand takes its eco-friendly philosophy and social responsibility very seriously. What’s more, they actively promote rare and endangered art forms from all across the globe.

Based in Connecticut, New England, TexereSilk is living proof that quality and sustainability are compatible. Using naturally soft hypoallergenic materials such as bamboo, organic cotton, and organic pima cotton with non-toxic dyes, they have created a beautiful range of clothing for everyone.

TexereSilk (link to Amazon storefront) makes clothes that leave little to no impact on the planet, and that will last for years as an integral part of your closet. This company is all about carbon-footprint free fashion that is quality while maintaining a contemporary and luxury style.

Lamaze Organic

Lamaze Organic (link to Amazon storefront) has created a stunning range of baby clothes and accessories using eco-materials. Each piece of clothing is made with 100% pure organic cotton and is GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified.

The baby clothes are made for delicate baby skin designed with comfort and breathability in mind. The cotton used by Lamaze Organic is much softer than regular cotton you’re used to. The production process also:

  • Uses less water.
  • Has reduced energy demands.
  • Emits less C02.
  • Reduces soil corrosion.

If that wasn’t enough, Lamaze Organic only uses chemical-free fabric that won’t irritate your baby’s skin.

Burt’s Bees Baby

Another eco-friendly baby clothing brand on a mission to save the planet and while maintaining quality clothing. Using 100% organic, sustainable cotton, Burt’s Bees Baby (link to Amazon storefront) has produced a stunning range of ultra-soft clothes for your baby.

They know that organic cotton is soft for a baby’s skin, it won’t cause irritation, it’s friendly to the earth and is 100% GOTS-certified organic. No synthetic pesticides are used in the growth of their cotton, helping to further minimize their impact on the planet.

Burt’s Bees Baby clothes are luxurious, soft, and, most importantly, eco-friendly.

Touched by Nature

Touched by Nature (link to Amazon storefront) is another baby clothing company harnessing the ultra-soft properties and sustainability of 100% organic cotton. They offer a beautiful range of baby clothes with great prints and designs for every tiny fashionista.

This brand proves that creating quality and lasting materials doesn’t have to negatively impact the planet. Their clothes are soft, breathable, and most importantly, durable.

You will have everything in their range from pajama onesies to socks. All of this is made guilt-free using sustainable materials and production methods.

Final Thoughts

The eco-friendly clothing brands listed above prove that fashion can be luxurious, comfortable, stylish, as well as sustainable and kind to the earth.

These brands are paving the way for a new fashion industry that maintains quality without compromising our environment. A fashion industry that cares as much about the earth as it does about creating beautiful clothing.

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