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11 Best Bamboo Products for An Eco-Friendly Home

Bamboo is famously known nowadays as a renewable resource due to its ability to grow quickly, which uses zero-pesticides and chemicals, and less water than other crops. It’s also grown throughout the world and has many uses both in and outside the home. From the bedroom to the kitchen (and even the bathroom), I’m going to share with you some eco-friendly products made from one of the most renewable resources out there.  

So, what are some bamboo products for an eco-friendly home?

Best Bamboo Products for an Eco-Friendly Home

Bamboo products are an excellent choice for an eco-friendly home, so we put together a list of the best bamboo products for your home.

1. Cariloha Resort Bamboo Sheets 

The first stop is the bedroom. Cariloha is one of the best brands in the bamboo textile industry, and lives up to their expectations as the “softest bedding on the planet”. Typically, an optimal thread count for bamboo sheets is anywhere between 250 and 350, however, these are the softest you can get with a thread count of 400. This will feel much softer than any standard 1000 count Egyptian cotton sheets. 

The Cariloha Resort Bamboo Sheets (link to read reviews on Amazon) are made from 100% viscose from bamboo with a sateen finish for an extra soft-to-the-touch feel. Their sheets are breathable and moisture-wicking which allows your body to thermoregulate throughout the night. Free any chemical treatments, their bamboo sheets are hypoallergenic which is important for those who have sensitive skin. Prudent care and washing is needed, but no need to use a strong washing cycle or chemical-based detergents. 

2. Issah Charcoal Bamboo Toothbrush

It’s no secret that plastic waste is a global issue. Conventional plastic toothbrushes are still the norm, but when disposed of, they will end up sitting in a landfill waiting to decompose for decades. Enter the biodegradable bamboo toothbrush. A simple and eco-friendly switch to way to care for your teeth without the worry of contributing towards plastic pollution.  

The Issah Charcoal Bamboo Toothbrush (link to read reviews on Amazon) is made from all-natural bamboo with carbon treated bristles. The water-resistant handle is 100% biodegradable and smooth to the touch while giving you a comfortable and reliable brushing experience. An eco-friendly bonus: even the packaging is recyclable and biodegradable. A significant amount of plastic waste prevented while contributing towards an eco-friendly planet. 

3. Jungle Straws Reusable Bamboo Drinking Straws

More recently, there has been an eco-friendly push by consumers to “say no to the straw”. In fact, many local establishments and even big-time corporations are banning single-use plastic straws all together from their businesses. Reusable straws come in a variety of eco-friendly materials, but bamboo is one of the best due to its sustainability as a renewable resource. 

The Jungle Straws Reusable Bamboo Drinking Straws (link to read reviews on Amazon) are made from 100% bamboo, free from any chemicals or pesticides. Each straw is individually unique as they are handmade and ethically sourced from a family-run farm in Vietnam. Complete with two widths for different types of sipping be it smoothies and milkshakes or juices and cocktails, this set includes a brush for easy cleaning, a storage pouch, and a handy single straw pouch so you can “say no to the plastic straw” wherever you go. 

4. Tiny Panda Bamboo Cutlery Set

The easiest way to start an eco-friendly lifestyle is to stay away from single-use plastics, especially when you are eating out. We get it, sometimes you’re in a hurry and you have to eat quickly, so you have no choice but to get a take-out order with single-use plastic cutlery.

The Tiny Panda Bamboo Cutlery Set (link to read reviews on Amazon) is a one-stop kit for all your eating and drinking eco-friendly alternatives. Complete with spoons, a knife, a fork, a straw, and even chopsticks, all made from 100% all-natural bamboo. It comes with a lightweight and portable roll-up storage case that can easily fit in your bag without taking up much space. Perfect for lunch at the workplace, camping, picnics, barbecues, and more. An added bonus: this set even includes a bamboo toothbrush so you can keep your teeth clean after meals. 

5. Pure Planet Club Tree-Free Bamboo Toilet Tissue

According to World Watch Magazine, tt’s estimated that nearly 270,000 trees are cut down daily due to the sole manufacturing and consumption of toilet paper. As alarming as this number is, there are those that have looked for eco-friendly alternatives like tree-free toilet paper. 

Pure Planet Club Tree-Free Bamboo Toilet Tissue is a 3-ply, tree-free toilet paper made from 100% bamboo and sugarcane recycled waste material. Bamboo is the fastest growing plant in the world and uses less water and generates more oxygen than hardwood trees or cotton. Sugarcane is more recently developing as a renewable resource in emerging economies in the push towards environmental sustainability. Both materials will help you reduce your paper waste consumption in the bathroom.  

6. Cariloha Bamboo and Turkish Cotton Towel Set

Bamboo-derived linens are some of the softest fabrics in the world. While the true manufacturing process of bamboo viscose may not be always eco-friendly and dependent on the type of system used, it certainly is more eco-friendly than cotton or petroleum (plastic) derived fabrics.

The Cariloha Bamboo and Turkish Cotton Towel Set (link to read reviews on Amazon) are a blend of 42% viscose from bamboo and 58% Turkish-combined cotton which results in a super-soft yet lightweight towel. Cariloha makes some of the best bed sheets and also produces a high-quality towel that’s odor resistant, quick-drying, and longer-lasting than conventional cotton towels. As one of the best brands in the bamboo fabric industry, they carry a lifetime guarantee for their products. 

7. GOBAM Bamboo Bath Mat

There are a number of ways to go eco-friendly in the bathroom as many products in the bathroom have traditionally been made from plastic. Bath mats and shower curtains are no exception. 

Made from 100% all-natural bamboo the GOBAM Bamboo Bath Mat (link to read reviews on Amazon) has a non-slip and water-resistant surface which is perfect for any bathroom, shower (indoor or outdoor) or sauna. It’s vented design allows for a quick-drying capability and rubber stoppers for a secure hold on the ground. Bamboo is famously known for a tensile strength that rivals steel. In fact, GOBAM has even put this to the test by placing the front wheel of a two-ton SUV on top of the bath mat and not even breaking!

8. Arlo Blinds Cordless Bamboo Shades

Bamboo is a natural-looking material that blends well with plant-based interiors. When used as shades and blinds, they do a great job of allowing natural light to filter into your home, creating a nice feeling of space. They’re also an eco-friendly alternative to more conventional plastic-based ones. 

The Arlo Blinds Cordless Bamboo Shades (link to read reviews on Amazon) are made from real bamboo and come in a variety of designs and dimensions each with their own distinct style. They feature a useful cordless lift system that is activated by pulling the base of the shades up from the bottom. Easy to maintain, just dust lightly on a regular basis. Every few months it’s recommended to dismantle them and give them a rinse in the bath, but this may not be necessary if you dust them regularly and use a dust repellent spray. 

9. Greener Chef XXXL Bamboo Cutting Board

Calling all cooks In the kitchen! Bamboo is THE go-to material for a cutting board. Plastic can easily become scarred by knives and easily harbor bacteria inside these grooves. Bamboo is also less water-resistant than hardwood, so it will dry quicker when rinsed, harbor less water, and ultimately last much longer.

The Greener Chef XXXL Bamboo Cutting Board (link to read reviews on Amazon) is made from 100% organic Moso bamboo that’s free from any chemicals, dyes, adhesives, stains, and lacquers. The extra-extra-large size gives this cutting board a multifunctional use, perfect for prepping fruits and veggies or slicing up meat and poultry. A conveniently placed groove in the corner of the board allows for juices or spills to retain and easily pour off the board. With a bit of tender loving care, your bamboo cutting board can last a long time and become a cornerpiece to your cooking experience. 

10. Impecca Compact Bamboo Keyboard

Electronic waste or “e-waste” is also another problem as many discarded electronics can contain a variety of toxic materials making them unrecyclable. Type away on a material that matches your eco-friendly lifestyle.

The Impecca Compact Bamboo Keyboard (link to read reviews on Amazon) is Bluetooth compatible, lightweight, and portable. Now, it may not be completely plastic-free but it will be durable and long-lasting as its most of it’s exterior is made from bamboo. It’s definitely one of the most stylish designs you will ever find for a keyboard.

11. Great Useful Stuff Bamboo Charging Dock

Avoid using your clunky collection of plastic chargers. Simply insert your multiple port USB charger under the bamboo base of the dock and you can keep all of your chargers one convenient and organized station.

The Great Useful Stuff Bamboo Charging Dock (link to read reviews on Amazon) is made from 100% all-natural bamboo, so you can be sure that it’s more durable than conventional plastic. You securely store up to five devices from the brands and models of the most commonly used smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, and earbuds. It makes for a stylish addition to the desk at work too.

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