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Bamboo vs Linen Sheets: Which Is Better for You?

Bamboo sheets have increasingly grown in popularity over the last few years due to their sustainability. Consumers are becoming eco-conscious in their purchasing and so bamboo products of all kinds are selling well. How do they compare against linen sheets?

So, who wins in terms of bamboo vs linen sheets? Both bamboo and linen sheets rank highly for comfort and breathability. They are both soft, luxurious, and guaranteed to give you a good night’s sleep. Bamboo sheets are slightly more expensive but they are much more durable than linen, support good health, and are much more favorable to the environment.

When deciding between bamboo and linen sheets you should consider all of the following points before making your purchase.

Bamboo vs Linen Sheets

Comfort and Breathability

bamboo bed sheets


You will find that bamboo sheets are incredibly lightweight and soft. When you throw them over yourself you will barely be able to feel the weight of the sheets. Not only does this help you to make the bed after washing, but it also results in luxurious comfort when sleeping.

Bamboo sheets never feel rough on the skin even after months of washing and drying rotation. They do a great job of making your bed cozier, and due to their lightness, they store much easier in your cupboards.

Another reason bamboo is able to offer such superior comfort is the fact it does not trap excess heat under the covers with you, making it breathable. This breathability factor is fantastic at keeping you snug and at a good temperature throughout the night. Bamboo sheets are versatile throughout the year, keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer.

Bamboo’s breathability reduces the amount of moisture in the sheets and sweat keeping you feeling fresh and cool.


Linen sheets are also an incredibly soft and comfortable bed sheet option. Linen also becomes softer the more you use and wash them. At first, they seem crisp, but that soon wears off and turns into softness.

Linen is known for its superior comfort when compared to other materials like cotton and silk. It’s also an extremely breathable material that offers owners temperature regulation by allowing air to circulate throughout the night.

During summer linen will keep cool and during winter it will warm you up. However, linen has a lower thread count so it can’t keep you quite as warm as bamboo can. When it comes to comfort, bamboo and linen are very similar but bamboo is superior in terms of breathability.


Durable bamboo sheets


When it comes to the durability of bamboo sheets it’s important to consider the production process. Large chunks of tough bamboo are processed into the soft and fine fibers which are then later turned into bamboo yarns.

These yarns are then made into ultra-durable bamboo sheets by stretching the bamboo across the entire length of the sheets. Traditional bed sheets are made using short fibers that are interwoven, and because bamboo sheets use long fibers they offer superior durability and are less likely to become damaged.

Organic bamboo sheets are exceptionally tough and can last not just years, but an entire lifetime if cared for correctly. Bamboo sheets won’t shrink or wear out easily, they won’t even pill after frequent washing and drying due to the long fibers. This type of durability is not found in other types of bed sheets.


Linen undergoes some serious processing to be turned into bedsheets. The material originates from the flax plant. The processing involved is much longer than that of bamboo and individual short fibers are interwoven to make up the sheets.

Linen bed sheets can not match the durability of bamboo sheets. They do not offer the same versatility, elasticity, or strength that bamboo fibers do. This means that linen is more susceptible to breaks, pills, fraying, and general wear and tear.

Linen offers excellent quality, it’s just not as durable as bamboo sheets which have far superior strength. Linen sheets will last you for years, whereas bamboo sheets will last you for a lifetime.

Health and Environment

Eco-friendly bamboo sheets


Not many people are aware of the tremendous benefits bamboo sheets can have on your health. It is quite a remarkable material, especially for those with sensitive skin.

Bamboo sheets are naturally antibacterial and hypoallergenic. They can help to significantly reduce allergies because they help reduce the amount of moisture content in the bed, which is a primary trigger for allergies, pathogens, and dust mites who all love warm and moist environments.

Not only is bamboo great for your health, but it also has a much more positive effect on the health of the planet. Organic bamboo sheets from a sustainable source have a much lower carbon footprint than linen. It also requires far less energy, water, and labor to produce. The farming of bamboo requires no pesticides nor harsh chemicals throughout it’s growing process.


Linen is very absorbent which means it can make you sweat and lock in more moisture as it sucks up your sweat and oils from your skin. This can create a breeding ground for nasty pathogens and dust mites which can negatively affect your health in the form of various illnesses.

Linen is also a fairly eco-friendly material to produce especially when compared to cotton or silk. The flax plant, like bamboo, does not require any harsh pesticides or chemicals during it’s growing process.

The flax plant is also very resilient to the elements, can survive tough weather conditions, poor soil health, and can even grow with minimal water. As long as the linen sheets you buy have not been treated with any dyes or other chemicals, they are 100% biodegradable.

The process of manufacturing linen sheets though is arduous. It’s extremely labor and resource-intensive when compared to its bamboo rival.


Woman carrying bamboo sheets


Bamboo requires careful and attentive maintenance in order to keep them looking and feeling great. They are a delicate fabric that should be properly maintained throughout their lifetime. You should always follow the specific guidelines from the manufacturer to maintain your bamboo sheets correctly.

Usually, bamboo sheets are washed in cold water only, 86 F (30 C) and on a gentle cycle only. They should be washed every 7-10 days in summer and every 2 weeks in winter. Try to avoid washing them with other items such as clothes or towels.

Only ever use mild, eco-friendly washing detergent and never use bleach. The best laundry detergent for bamboo fabrics is made from plant-based ingredients and biodegradable – so no worry about harming the environment. You won’t need to use fabric softener as the bamboo fibers remain naturally soft.

If possible, always try to line dry your bamboo sheets in order to preserve the bamboo fibers, elasticity, and colors. If you must use a dryer machine put on a low heat and low tumble cycle. Don’t leave them in the dryer for too long as they may wrinkle.


Linen should also be carefully managed but they aren’t delicate like bamboo sheets. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions. You can hand or machine wash linen sheets, but never use bleach or detergents with color brighteners as this will weaken your linen sheets. You can wash with lukewarm or cold water on gentle cycles only.

As with the bamboo sheets, it’s always best to line dry if possible or tumble dry on a very low heat and low cycle. Linen sheets tend to get wrinkled easily, you can iron them if you desire with low heat. You can wash them with other items but do not overload the washing machine.

Bamboo vs Linen Sheets: The Winner?

Woman sleeping with bamboo sheets

First, before announcing a winner we should discuss the cost of each product. Both bamboo and linen sheets are more expensive than other traditional bed sheets options. However, bamboo is the most expensive of the two. Bamboo sheets are relatively new to the market, so it’s only natural that they have a slightly higher cost than linen sheets.

However, bamboo sheets do offer more value for money than linen. They are more durable, more breathable, better for health, and less damaging to the environment. They may initially cost more, but they will also last much longer. If comfort and cost are the only factors for you, then you may consider linen sheets over bamboo.

If you want equally as comfortable bed sheets that will last longer, have superior breathability, support good health, and are kinder to the environment, then you should choose bamboo every time.

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