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7 Amazing Benefits of Hemp Milk for Babies

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Once your baby has moved passed the breast milk and baby formula phase, it’s time to start giving them milk to ensure they get their daily dose of vitamins and nutrients. While dairy milk has been the milk of choice for many parents, there are healthier alternatives, especially for lactose intolerant babies. Discovering the amazing benefits of hemp milk for babies has helped me find a healthy alternative and hopefully it helps you, too.

Unlike dairy milk, hemp milk is absolutely safe for your baby and can bring a number of benefits to their development and life overall. Let’s take a look at the biggest benefits of hemp milk for babies!

1. Packed with Essential Vitamins and Nutrients

Arguably the biggest benefit to hemp milk for babies is that it contains a good amount of essential vitamins and nutrients. Ensuring your baby gets their daily dose of these ingredients is extremely important to their development. While dairy milk can be beneficial in this sense as well, it can also negate itself due to potential inflammation and lactose intolerance issues.

Some of the most beneficial vitamins and nutrients in hemp milk include:

  • Vitamins A, B12, E, and D
  • Calcium
  • Potassium
  • Magnesium
  • Iron
  • Zinc
  • Folic acid
  • Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids
  • Essential amino acids

Hemp milk also comes with a healthy dose of protein, zero cholesterol, and a low-calorie count compared with traditional dairy milk. There’s no question hemp milk has a major benefit to the health of your baby as well as your own body.

2. Supports Strong Bones and a Healthy Heart

Making sure our babies develop with a strong set of bones and a healthy heart is essential. Many babies and children, in general, are not getting the proper nutritional daily value that they need to support a strong bone structure and a healthy heart. Our food is littered with all kinds of ingredients that certainly don’t help this situation.

When it comes to hemp milk for babies, you can feel good knowing they’re getting the right amount of calcium that supports strong bones. You’ll also be in the clear in regards to keeping their hearts healthy since hemp milk contains zero cholesterol. Of course, some cholesterol is good, but excess can have negative effects.

By simply swapping out your baby’s milk with hemp milk, you’ll be able to keep their bones and heart healthy as can be. My family absolutely loves Living Harvest Tempt Hemp Milk (link to read reviews on Amazon) as it comes unsweetened and contains all the benefits you can think of when it comes to hemp milk. Check it out for yourself!

3. Boosts the Immune System

Let’s face it, babies get sick all of the time. It’s amazing how often they catch a cold or simply a sniffle, especially when they’re surrounded by other babies and children in general. The good thing is that it’s a natural part of growing up and developing a strong immune system.

Thankfully, hemp milk for babies supports a strong immune system, which can help your baby’s body fight back. Due to the nature of hemp milk and it’s natural ingredients, your baby will over time develop a stronger immune system. This comes from a number of natural ingredients, but the most important are the Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids.

It’s amazing what a simple change in diet can do for one’s immune system. Hemp milk is certainly one of those products that can make a noticeable difference in your baby’s everyday health as well as your entire families.

4. Promotes Skin Health

It’s not uncommon for babies to develop skin issues, including diaper rash, cradle cap, and eczema. The issue is their skin hasn’t built up all of the necessary defenses to keep them safe from the outside world. That process can take a long time and it can use all of the help it can get, especially for baby’s that are sensitive to certain food.

Hemp milk for babies is a fantastic way to promote skin health since it contains an optimal mix of omega 3 and 6 fatty acids not commonly found in natural products. Interestingly, the idea dosage ratio of omega 6 and 3 for healthy skin is between 2:1 and 3:1, which is exactly what you’ll find with hemp milk.

Put simply, hemp milk helps reduce inflammation of the skin and promotes a natural rebuilding of the skin cells. Unfortunately, traditional dairy milk can often have the opposite effect, but thankfully more and more people are waking up to this concern. Hemp milk is truly one of the best alternatives to promoting healthy skin and an overall healthy lifestyle.

5. Comes in a Variety of Flavors

There’s no question that babies can be picky eaters and drinkers. Sometimes it takes mixing in a certain flavor into their food just to get them to chomp away. It’s wise to keep the added flavors to a minimum since they generally contain sugar, but a little now and then to get them used to something new is often times the only way to go.

One of the great parts about hemp milk for babies is it can come in a large variety of different flavors. While unsweetened hemp milk, in my opinion, is the healthy way to go, there are always other options to consider, including vanilla and chocolate. I found that vanilla was a good way to introduce hemp milk to my baby before moving to unsweetened hemp milk.

Every so often, me and my family will get our favorite chocolate-flavored hemp milk as a healthy, but tasty, treat. Living Harvest Chocolate Hemp Milk (link to read reviews on Amazon) is exactly what my family loves and it contains all of the same healthy ingredients as unsweetened hemp milk, but, of course, with a dash of chocolate.

6. Soy, Gluten, and Lactose-Free

It’s a fact of life that many people develop intolerances to today’s food. Whether it’s because modern food contains more additives, chemicals, or something else, our bodies can respond negatively to substances containing soy, gluten, and lactose. This is especially true with babies and hopefully, these intolerances are caught early on.

When it comes to hemp milk for babies, it’s completely soy, gluten, and lactose-free. These can cause inflammation and general adverse reactions inside your baby, which can result in allergies, tummy aches, and sickness. With hemp milk, you can completely avoid these issues while knowing they’re still getting the necessary vitamins and nutrients they need to grow.

This is also perfect for families that prefer vegan options. It can be difficult for vegans to find alternative food that still gives them the right amount of vitamins and nutrients. Thankfully, hemp milk has it all when it comes to this.

7. Make It at Home

More and more families are focusing on making homemade food that comes from organic, natural sources to ensure their families get the best quality food possible. This also has an added benefit of improving the local economy in your area since you’re more likely to purchase whole foods in bulk from your local stores.

Hemp milk and many other alternatives to dairy milk can be 100% homemade from organic ingredients. It’s actually extremely easy to do since it only requires you to purchase all-natural, organic hemp seeds in bulk. Once you have the hemp seeds, all you have to do is blend them in water until it creates a creamy texture then drain it using a cheesecloth. Super easy!

We making homemade hemp milk, you want to use organic raw shelled hemp seeds, which is why I suggest you take a look at Manitoba Harvest Hemp Hearts Raw Shelled Hemp Seeds (link to read reviews on Amazon). My family and I actually make our own hemp milk since it’s super easy, inexpensive, and we can customize the flavors with fruit and other ingredients.

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