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7 Reasons to Use Bamboo Diapers for Your Baby

DISCLAIMER: This post may contain affiliate links. If you buy something through any links, I may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you – thank you for your support!
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It may be time to switch from your cotton diapers. Bamboo is making waves for its super eco-friendly properties and quality. We currently throw out billions of cotton/plastic blended diapers each year wreaking havoc on our planet.

Why should you switch to bamboo diapers for your baby? Bamboo diapers are kinder to your baby’s skin, reducing the risk of diaper rash and skin issues. They’re also super soft, durable, hypoallergenic, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and breathable. Bamboo diapers are also a more planet-friendly choice.

We’re always fascinated with the introduction of new eco-materials. This article explores all the reasons why you consider switching to bamboo diapers for your baby. We hope it serves as a guide to help you make the best purchasing decision for you.

7 Reasons to Use Bamboo Diapers for Your Baby

We have found 7 reasons why we think switching to bamboo diapers may be a better choice for you, your baby, and the planet.

1. Great for Your Baby’s Skin

Bamboo fibers are bio-based material. This makes them very soft and ideal for a baby’s sensitive skin.

Your conventional cotton diapers are bleached with chlorine and other ingredients. This is what gives them that sparkling white color. But these chemicals are not so good for your baby’s skin.

The harmful chemicals can leach onto your baby’s super absorbent skin and cause irritation or trigger allergies.

When looking for your bamboo diapers, make sure they’re organic. This way, you can be sure they have not been treated with harsh chemicals. Usually, you can find bamboo diapers that include Aloe extract or Tea Tree oil. These work as natural antiseptics.

Bamboo diapers also commonly contain vitamins A and B. Both of these vitamins can assist with the firming and hydrating of your baby’s skin. Each of these vitamins also holds natural anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties.

2. Eco-Friendly

But only if you buy organic diapers. Don’t be fooled by clever marketing ploys. Always look for bamboo diaper brands that are certified organic or certified by the FSC.

Unlike cotton, bamboo doesn’t require a ton of nasty fertilizers or pesticides to grow. It is a super fast-growing plant that, if cultivated responsibly, is very sustainable.

Bamboo is also a super absorber of C02. In fact, the bamboo plant can absorb 30% more C02 during its lifetime than other plants and trees, including cotton.

One of the leading environmental issues of using cotton is the excessive amounts of water it needs to be cultivated. Bamboo grows exceptionally well with natural rainwater. This makes bamboo even more sustainable than cotton.

Bamboo is also organic, making it 100% biodegradable and recyclable. Which means your diapers won’t sit in a landfill for 500 years. They will naturally decompose around 75 days.

When they decompose, they won’t leach nasty chemicals into the ground either. Bamboo is a far more sustainable option for diapers.

3. Reduce Risk of Diaper Rash

Bamboo has natural hypoallergenic, anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial properties. This helps to decrease the number of bacteria from growing inside your baby’s diaper, which can lead to diaper rash and other skin issues such as eczema and psoriasis.

Bamboo diapers increase the airflow inside the diaper, keeping the temperature cool and comfortable for your little one. Babies with extra-sensitive skin will benefit significantly from using a bamboo diaper.

It’s for this reason that one charity developed bamboo diapers to help poor families in Haiti. They found that the bamboo diapers were much better at reducing the risk of bacteria. Therefore, they helped the babies of poor families from risking rashes and skin infections.

4. Super Absorbent

Bamboo fabric can absorb as much as 70% more moisture than regular cotton fabric. This helps to keep your baby dry and comfortable throughout the day.

Bamboo can take up to three times its weight in water. This is natural property retained from the plant. When made into fabric, bamboo has super moisture-wicking properties. It can effectively pull moisture away from the skin and help it to evaporate.

This keeps your baby’s diaper dryer, and also reduces the risk of rashes.

5. Ultra-Soft and Durable

If you have ever owned any bamboo fabrics such as bamboo sheets or bamboo clothes, then you will know that bamboo is very soft.

Bamboo is noticeably softer than both cotton and even hemp. It is naturally porous, which again helps with moisture-wicking and more suitable for a baby’s sensitive skin.

A baby’s skin is far more sensitive than adults. It is also four times more absorbable than adults’ skin. For this reason, giving your baby a soft diaper is imperative to keep them feeling comfortable.

6. Reusable and Cost-Effective

Disposable diapers are convenient. There is no doubt about this. But, bamboo cloth diapers are far more helpful in mitigating our impact on the planet.

Bamboo cloth diapers can be used all the way throughout your baby’s first few 18 months. Each time you change the cloth diaper, you can throw it in the wash. It’s, therefore, best to own a lot of cloth diapers, so you always have one spare.

All that washing must have an impact on the planet, right? Yes, of course. But bamboo only needs to be washed on a very gentle cycle using cold water. This helps minimize the amount of energy being used.

If you’re currently using cotton cloth diapers, you will be able to further mitigate your impact on the planet by switching to bamboo.

7. Super Durable

Once you buy a big set of bamboo cloth diapers, they will last you forever. Bamboo fibers are naturally durable, this is why bamboo is often used in parts of Asia for scaffolding during construction.

The best quality bamboo cloth diapers can withstand years of washing without wear and tear. This makes them more cost-effective and helps mitigate your impact on the planet. You won’t have to keep replacing your bamboo diapers or throwing any old ones away.

The impressive durability of bamboo fabric has been a key factor in the popularity and success of bamboo as a new eco-material.

Bamboo Cloth Diapers vs. Bamboo Disposable Diapers

For new parents, the choice between cloth and disposable diapers can be a tricky decision. Do you want convenience or cost-savings? Laundry washing or landfill?

The only real benefit of disposable bamboo diapers is that they’re really convenient. And the convenience factor may be enough to sway some parents.

But, we believe that there is much more value for both you, your baby, and the planet with bamboo cloth diapers.

Bamboo cloth diapers tend to be a much higher quality product than bamboo disposables. They’re made specifically for your baby’s sensitive skin and comfort.

Cloth diapers are also simple to wash and reuse. Plus, you don’t have to keep going to the store to buy more or wait for the delivery from an online store. You simply open your draw and pull one out.

Bamboo cloth diapers are much kinder to the planet too. While yes, they decompose naturally in about 75 days, they still put more strain on waste management systems and could find their way into waterways.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a high-quality alternative to conventional cotton diapers, bamboo cloth diapers are a solid choice. They will improve the comfort of your baby, be kind to their sensitive skin, and maintain their mobility during their important first 18 months of life.

Not only will your baby be happier with a bamboo cloth diaper, but your wallet and the planet will also benefit. Bamboo cloth diapers are worth a shot, give them a go!


This post may contain affiliate links. If you buy something through any links, I may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you – thank you for your support!

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