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Baby Blankets Made from Bamboo: Why Use Them?

DISCLAIMER: This post may contain affiliate links. If you buy something through any links, I may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you – thank you for your support!

Being able to wrap your baby up into a bundle of comfort can be a great way to give your baby the feeling of safety. Whether your baby needs to sleep or simply stay close to you, baby blankets are a must. Baby blankets made from bamboo and other eco-friendly materials have become quite popular, especially with parents who want their babies safe from the effects of environmental degradation.

So, why use baby blankets made from bamboo? Bamboo baby blankets are naturally antibacterial, antifungal, highly sweat-absorbent, insulating, soft, hypoallergenic, and eco-friendly. Bamboo is a versatile plant that’s used in many eco-friendly products including solid objects as well as fabrics.

One of the most important actions we can take as parents are to ensure our babies aren’t exposed to any harmful materials during their development phase.

On top of that, it’s crucial that we’re able to contribute to a more eco-friendly environment so we have something positive to pass down to future generations. Using baby blankets made from bamboo is a good first step in this direction as is using other popular bamboo baby products.

Why Use Baby Blankets Made from Bamboo

There are a ton of use-cases for baby blankets, including keeping them warm, bringing them along in a swaddle, or simply letting them roll around and play with it. Making sure they have a blanket that’s functional and eco-friendly is important for their current well-being as well as their future well-being.

Bamboo baby blankets are an amazing alternative to a baby blanket made from other not-so-eco-friendly materials. Some of the reasons why bamboo baby blankets are so popular includes:

  • Antibacterial to keep the blanket looking and smelling fresh.
  • Sweat-absorbent and moisture-wicking to keep skin comfortably dry.
  • Insulating so your baby stays cool or warm when seasons change.
  • Soft fabric when compared to other materials.
  • UV protectant to keep skin safe from harmful sun rays.
  • Hypoallergenic so there’s no risk of developing allergies.
  • Eco-friendly material that’s biodegradable and highly renewable.

We all know what it’s like to have a messy baby, which is why the fact that bamboo baby blankets are antibacterial is a serious game-changer. Compared to other materials, such as cotton and polyester, bamboo will stay fresh and clean for far longer reducing the need to constantly wash it. It also means your baby has fewer chances of getting sick, which is reason enough to get a baby blanket made from bamboo.

One of the best aspects of having a baby blanket made from bamboo is that they’re highly sweat-absorbent and moisture-wicking. Due to the natural composition of bamboo fibers that make it extremely breathable, your baby’s skin will be kept comfortably dry while making sure their skin has the right amount of moisture.

Another great part about getting your baby a bamboo blanket is they’re very well-insulated. Whether it’s a hot summer day and they need to maintain a cool internal temperature or it’s a cold winter day and they need to stay toasty, a bamboo baby blanket will do the trick. Keeping your baby’s body temperature stable without it bouncing around can help out a lot with avoiding getting sick.

I’m a huge fan of bamboo products not only because of its many positive health and eco-friendly qualities but also because it’s extremely soft to the touch. There are few materials out there that can get to the level of softness than bamboo, which your baby will no doubt appreciate. As a matter of fact, I’d say bamboo and hemp fabric are some of the softest materials you can buy.

Let’s face it; virtually all baby skin is sensitive. Keeping harmful UV rays from damaging our babies’ skin is the job of every responsible parent. Thankfully, bamboo baby blankets are 100% UV protectant no matter how thin the blanket is. Actually, this quality alone is a great reason to get bamboo baby clothes as well as a blanket.

During the development phase of any child, allergies can pop up over time. Bamboo baby blankets, however, are hypoallergenic, so there’s no risk that your baby is at risk of developing an allergy to it. Unlike other fabrics, like cotton, polyester, and wool, bamboo keeps your baby safe from allergies, which is reason alone to use them.

On top of all the health and safety aspects of having a baby blanket made from bamboo, it’s flat out one of the most eco-friendly materials on the planet.

The fact is that bamboo is naturally biodegradable, highly renewable, pesticide and insecticide-free, and it requires much less water to produce compared to cotton and other materials. We want to pass down a world where our babies will be able to live and thrive, which is why using eco-friendly products is essential in our day and age.

Organic Baby Blankets Made from Bamboo

Believe it or not, but there are many companies out there that claim to be eco-friendly but don’t follow through with what they claim. When it comes to baby blankets made from bamboo, it’s not always easy to find 100% pure bamboo baby blankets since they often mix it with cotton or polyester. Well, here are some fantastic 100% bamboo baby blankets you’ll love.

Bunny Palm Muslin Swaddle Bamboo Baby Blanket (3-Pack)

Finding organic products that are also stylish can be a challenge at times, especially in the world of baby products. When it comes to the Bunny Palm Muslin Swaddle Bamboo Baby Blanket (link to read reviews on Amazon), you’ll get a fantastic 100% organic bamboo baby blanket that looks great for boys and girls.

This 100% organic bamboo baby blanket by Bunny Palm is perfect for using as a muslin swaddle and even comes in a set of three blankets. As you know already, bamboo is incredibly soft and these blankets are no different. You can easily take it outdoors as well so you can keep your baby wrapped up wherever you go. On top of that, Bunny Palm has a no-questions-asked money-back guarantee, so you can try them out risk-free!

Aden + Anais Silky Soft Swaddle Bamboo Baby Blanket (3-Pack)

Choosing the right brand when purchasing eco-friendly products can be a hassle since they’re often not as well-known as more traditional brands. Well, the Aden + Anais Silky Soft Swaddle Bamboo Baby Blanket (link to read reviews on Amazon) has become one of the most popular choices for bamboo baby blankets and for good reason.

When it comes to high-quality bamboo baby blankets, look no further than Aden + Anais. Their 100% organic bamboo is luxuriously soft to the touch and has breathability like no other blanket out there. Its unique design keeps it thin enough so you don’t have to lug it around but thick enough to keep your baby comfortable. While a tad bit more expensive than the alternatives, this bamboo baby blanket is a great investment in your baby’s health and wellness.

Is Bamboo Better Than Cotton?

We’re lucky that we have the ability to try out alternative materials and fabrics than the more traditional ones we’ve grown accustomed to. With the emergence of eco-friendly living, there’s been a growing number of ways to stay green and avoid old trends that aren’t helping the health of our environment.

Cotton is one of the more traditional fabrics that we’ve been using for quite some time. Unfortunately, it’s not the least bit eco-friendly and actually has caused a lot of harm to the environment. Thankfully, bamboo has become more and more popular over the years and has a very good eco-friendly profile.

One of the biggest issues with cotton (especially non-organic cotton) is that it requires a large number of pesticides and insecticides to grow properly. What that means is a lot of harmful chemicals are sprayed onto the fabric that’s used on the clothes we put against our skin, which doesn’t conjure up a feeling of well-being.

The heavy use of pesticides and insecticides also has a massive negative effect on our waterways since a lot of it gets absorbed into our soil and find their way into our rivers, lakes, and oceans. With the lack of good drinking water in a growing number of countries around the world, this is not a positive outcome, to say the least.

Not only does bamboo not require any of these harmful chemicals to grow, but it also produces a softer touch with a lower thread count. What this means is you can buy bamboo products like bedsheets and pillowcases with a much lower thread count than those made from cotton and achieve the same level (if not better) of softness.

There are many reasons why bamboo is a better alternative to cotton, but the only negative I can think of is that bamboo is generally more expensive. While it may cost slightly more than your average cotton-based product, bamboo is worth it since it’ll last longer and preserve itself for quite some time.


This post may contain affiliate links. If you buy something through any links, I may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you – thank you for your support!

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