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  • EFFORTLESS- a smooth finish allows yarn to effortlessly glide and prevent from splitting. This will allow you to easily do multiple loops like the cable stitch, slip stitch, etc. Crocheting is now more comfortable, easy, and fun.
  •  COMFORT- Crochet all day with our smooth and lightweight handles that provide a nice firm grip without muscle tension. Designed to minimize physical effort and discomfort, and hence maximize efficiency. Perfect for preventing and those suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis or Carpal Tunnel.
  • ALL-NATURAL - made from 100% all natural Bamboo.  Bamboo is naturally organic and sustainable.  It’s the fastest growing woody plant in the world and regenerates quickly with little water and no chemicals.  Do your part in helping promote a sustainable environment.


US Size 2.5 (3mm); US Size 4 (3.5mm); US Size 6 (4mm); US Size 7 (4.5mm); US Size 8 (5mm); US Size 9 (5.5mm); US Size 10 (6mm); US Size 10.5 (6.5mm); US Size (7mm); US Size 11 (8mm); US Size 13 (9mm); US Size 15 (10mm)