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It’s no secret that here at Household Wonders, we love bamboo!

We want to inspire you to step into a world where sustainability meets versatility, and discover the wonders of eco-friendly bamboo products. 

🎋 Bamboo: Nature’s Green Gold 🎋

Explore the myriad benefits of bamboo, from its rapid growth and low environmental impact to its incredible strength and versatility. Learn how choosing bamboo products can make a positive difference in reducing plastic waste, conserving forests, and minimizing your carbon footprint.

🌍 Bamboo Solutions for Every Lifestyle 🌍

Bamboo is one of the most versatile plants and is used in construction, medicine, clothing, crafts, food and more! Did we mention it is also 100% biodegradable?!

Discover a wide range of bamboo-based products that fit seamlessly into your eco-conscious lifestyle. From bamboo kitchen essentials and eco-friendly bamboo textiles to bamboo toothbrushes and sustainable home goods, we’re here to showcase the beauty and functionality of this amazing material.

🌟 Green, Gorgeous, and Bamboo-Filled 🌟

Our Eco-Friendly Everything Bamboo category aims to inspire you to choose bamboo alternatives, support ethical brands, and contribute to a greener planet. 

Together, let’s celebrate the beauty and eco-friendliness of bamboo. Explore our articles, and discover how this incredible material can enrich your life while leaving a positive impact on our environment. 🌎🎍🌿

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What You Will Find in Our Eco-Friendly 
Everything Bamboo Blog Posts

As the title suggests, these articles are about everything bamboo! From baby, bedding and kitchen products, to dental products and more, you're sure to learn something new about bamboo or find a product to suit your needs.

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bamboo drinking straw juice

10 Reasons You Should Use Bamboo Drinking Straws

I always make fresh juice in the mornings for myself and the kids and we take them on-the-go, but I was really concerned when I noticed how many plastic straws we were consuming. I made the switch to bamboo drinking straws about two years ago, since then, I haven’t looked

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How to get blood out of bamboo sheets

How to Get Blood Out of Bamboo Sheets

If you’re reading this, you probably already own or plan to purchase bamboo sheets. As a reminder, bamboo sheets are among the fastest-rising types of bedding, popular for their soft and exquisite feel. They are made from viscose found in bamboo fibers, making them eco-friendly, breathable, and hypoallergenic. But as

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bamboo and metal straws

Bamboo Straws vs Metal Straws: Which Is Better?

Did you know that an estimated 170 million single-use plastic straws are used every day in the USA alone? That’s a lot of plastic waste which is incredibly harmful to our planet. Our society has become increasingly aware of this plastic pollution issue, creating an increasing demand for reusable bamboo

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white pillows and linens

Do Bamboo Sheets Wear Well? (Sateen and Twill)

The increased popularity of bamboo products over the last five years owes much of its success to its superior sustainability factor when compared to cotton, silk, and linen. Now, eco-conscious consumers are starting to recognize bamboo’s superior durability also. So, do bamboo sheets wear well? Bamboo sateen requires delicate care

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Multi-colored bamboo sheets

How Long Do Bamboo Sheets Last? And How To Keep Them

One of the determinants of a good night’s sleep is your bedding, as studies have shown that having the right set of bedding can improve the quality of your sleep. The right set of bedding is incredibly soft, breathable, capable of regulating body temperature, and provides comfort, which are all

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bamboo bed sheets with pillow and nightstand

How Do You Wash Bamboo Sheets?

Bamboo sheets are some of the softest and most comfortable bed sheets you can buy. I love having them in my bedroom, so I’ve created a guide on the best way to care for your bamboo sheets. So how do you wash bamboo sheets? Bamboo sheets should be separately washed

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white bed sheets and pillows

Bamboo vs Cotton Sheets: The Ultimate Bedding Battle

Your bed sheets are one of the most essential fabrics to consider for a comfortable night’s sleep. Bamboo fabric has become a popular eco-friendly alternative to cotton sheets. But with all the available choices, we wanted to settle once and for all whether bamboo sheets are better than cotton. This

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bamboo toothbrushes

Top 8 Best Bamboo Toothbrushes

Making the switch from a plastic to a bamboo toothbrush is one of the easiest steps you can take towards a more sustainable environment. There are many different choices now available on the market with each brand bringing something different to offer. We’ve done some research to give you a

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bamboo cutting board worn

Do Bamboo Cutting Boards Splinter?

My current bamboo cutting board has served me well over the past three years as I use it daily in the kitchen for almost everything. Since bamboo is such a durable and long-lasting material, I wonder if bamboo cutting boards splinter over time. So do bamboo cutting boards splinter? With proper

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