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Bamboo bed sheets with pillows

How to Care For Bamboo Sheets (Wash, Dry, & De-Wrinkle)

Bamboo sheets have been gaining popularity over the years for their soft and luxurious feel. They are breathable, eco-friendly, and even softer compared to other traditional bedspreads made from cotton sheets. Owning one can greatly improve the quality of your sleep and life in general. Bamboo textiles in general are known for their durability and

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hemp fabric

What Is Hemp Fabric?

The use of hemp is growing exponentially all over the world. This versatile plant is now being used for superfoods, oils, building materials, paper, bioplastics, biofuel, insulation, and fabric for clothing and bedsheets. So, what is hemp fabric? Hemp fabric is a strong, highly durable, and eco-friendly material made from the fibers of the hemp

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sustainable earth

The Complete Guide to Eco-Friendly Terms

Every aspect of our lives is going green right now. This has resulted in a new wave of eco-friendly terminologies to help consumers identify “green” products and make better consumer decisions. The most common of these terms include PLA, CPLA, bamboo, bagasse, sustainable paper/wood, recycled steel, recyclable, reusable, biodegradable, compostable, carbon footprint, carbon-neutral, eco-conscious, eco-friendly,

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