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Wanda Thompson

Wanda is the author and owner of Household Wonders. She loves helping her family live a happier and healthier life by moving toward a more eco-friendly lifestyle. If she's not working on Household Wonders, she's spending time with her family.

hemp fabric

What Is Hemp Fabric?

The use of hemp is growing exponentially all over the world. This versatile plant is now being used for superfoods, oils, building materials, paper, bioplastics, biofuel, insulation, and fabric for clothing and bedsheets. So, what is hemp fabric? Hemp fabric is a strong, highly durable, and eco-friendly material made from the fibers of the hemp …

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eco-friendly cosmetics

8 Best Eco-Friendly Makeup Brands for Sustainable Beauty

Are you searching for the best eco-friendly makeup brands? Switching to a more sustainable beauty routine has never been easier or more important. You can help reduce your carbon footprint and personal waste with these eco-friendly brands. The top 8 eco-friendly makeup brands are Ecco Bella, Mineral Fusion, Bae Blu, Honest Beauty, EcoTools, Fifth & …

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eco-friendly makeup and cosmetics

What Is Eco-Friendly Makeup?

The eco-friendly consumer market is now in full flow. Every area of our lives is getting an eco-friendly revamp, and makeup is no exception. The term eco-friendly is now a popular term with many cosmetic brands. So, what exactly is eco-friendly makeup? Eco-friendly makeup is typically made from organic ingredients from sustainable sources that are …

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eco-friendly wardrobe advice

7 Easy Ways to Make Your Wardrobe More Eco-Friendly

Our environment is under immense pressure. Large corporations continue to pollute. World leaders continue with their lack of action on climate change. But you can help fight against the destruction of our planet with small lifestyle changes, including your clothing. Here are the easiest ways to make your wardrobe more eco-friendly: buy sustainable fabrics, ditch …

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